US Trial Finds Ivermectin Reduced Covid Mortality 40%

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Preliminary findings released Tuesday for a U.S.-based clinical trial of anti-parasite drug ivermectin found that the mortality rate for coronavirus patients fell 40%, according to the site.

The ivermectin study — it began in March as part of a larger Australian-led clinical study — focused on 280 patients, 173 of whom were treated with the drug at four Broward County, Florida, hospitals.

The research team was led by Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, a Broward Health Medical Center physician, and his wife, Juliana Cepelowicz Rajter.

The findings reported in Medrxiv, “ICON (Ivermectin in COVID-19) Study: Use of Ivermectin Is Associated With Lower Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19,” said that patients who took part in the trial were given a single dose of the anti-parasitic medication, and some received a second dose a week later.

The dose given the COVID-19 patients was the same as the FDA-approved dose used to treat patients with intestinal parasites.

According to, the Broward study found that overall mortality among seriously ill COVID-19 patients treated with the drug was 15%. Mortality among patients in a similar disease state who did not receive ivermectin was 25%.

That would equate to a 40% drop in mortality, a statistically significant difference.

“It’s amazing and could literally pull people back from critical COVID-19 illness,” according to board certified emergency medicine physician Dr. Peter Hibberd, M.D.