There will always be epidemics. We can’t give up our way of life because of them.

Losing Our Way of Life and Our Freedoms

Wearing masks everywhere. Keeping your distance from the person next to you. Not giving hugs or shaking hands with friends. Children not going to school or playing with friends. Separation. Loneliness. Fear.

Businesses forced to close; some forever. Can’t enjoy a meal with a friend at your favorite restaurant. Livelihoods taken away. Careers interrupted. No choice.

“Vaccine passports” create a checkpoint society: “Papers, please!” Discrimination for those who do not accept forced medical procedures. Segregation leads to fear and hatred. A new Jim Crow.

Take Action

Copy our email templates. Modify if you wish. Then send to your state and federal legislators. They need to know where you stand and it does make a difference! We need your help to preserve all of our freedoms and get back to the “old normal”. Will you Stand Up for your rights or do nothing and watch them disappear?

Spread the Word

Join our campaign of like-minded everyday people who simply want a return to normal life. Send this link to your friends: Ask them to get involved and spread the word. With your help we can make a difference.

Can we count on you?