UK Refuses To Accelerate Re-Opening Despite COVID Deaths Dropping Below Road Accident Fatalities

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Despite new figures showing the daily number of COVID-19 deaths in the UK dropping below those from road accidents, the government is still refusing to accelerate the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

The average number of daily deaths now stands at 25 a day with COVID cases dropping 94 per cent from the peak.

On Monday, the UK recorded just four total deaths.

“By comparison, the UK records an average of around five deaths from road accidents daily,” reports the Telegraph.

The government has continually insisted it will prioritize “data not dates” in deciding when the measures should be relaxed, although that argument seems to immediately dissipate when the data favors re-opening quicker.

“We’ve been told regularly, that we are following the data, not the dates, but sadly, it seems to be the other way around,” said Conservative MP Pauline Latham.

“Derbyshire there are huge swathes of villages and towns, that have no Covid whatsoever, and that’s repeated over all sorts of areas of the country.”

“We do need to start getting businesses back to normal. We need to get hospitality businesses fully functioning, and using their indoor spaces,” she added.