Sweden Proves Masks and Lockdowns Don’t Work

The country never locked down or mandated mask-wearing and has one of the lower death rates from Covid-19 in Europe.

Turns-out lockdowns and mask mandates only serve to destroy economies, businesses and people’s enjoyment of life. The data show such measures absolutely don’t help avoid deaths by covid-19. In the table below, data taken on April 13, 2021, show Sweden’s deaths per 1 million population are right in the middle of all European states, and lower than many. France, UK, Italy, Spain, Poland and Belgium all had higher deaths per capita. France and UK have some of the strictest restrictions in Europe. Table and data from www.worldometers.info.

“… the Swedish Health Agency, largely behind Sweden’s no-lockdown strategy, has refrained from recommending masks, citing poor evidence of their effectiveness and fears that masks might be used as an excuse to not isolate when experiencing symptoms.

“Face masks may be needed in some situations. Those situations have not arisen in Sweden yet, according to our dialogue with the (healthcare) regions,” Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, told a news conference on Thursday.

“WHO is clear that the state of evidence for masks is weak. All studies so far suggest that it is much more important to keep your distance than to have a face mask,” he said.

Text above from this article.