NHS Nurse Vaccine “Genocide – I’m Ashamed To Be A Nurse” Willing To Testify (UK Column)

Listen to this amazing video with a courageous senior nurse in the UK’s National Health Service. At the end of the video you can hear the emotion in her voice as she admits she has tried to raise alarm and failed, and feels responsible.

For those who prefer to read here are some transcripts from the video:

She states she has a “23 year nursing career and reports directly to the line manager who sits at executive level within my board”

She is “directly involved with the vaccination program for my health board at senior nursing management level. I am essentially a policy writer and I am responsible for the prescribing documents that allow health care staff to administer the jabs. They are not vaccines and as such I cannot refer to them as such. I know a great deal in regards to vaccines and their use. I have also worked previously as a research nurse and I know how to critically appraise journal articles and trial protocols.”

“… there is total awareness of the issues and risks involved at the senior level of the NHS. And not just with my board. When I last faced up to my manager and asked why they were content to be taking part in what amounted to what I considered was genocide the reply was chilling. They replied that we all have a job to do and a part to play and we need to just put up, shut up, and get it done. It was made very clear to me that governments were leaning very heavily on health boards to ensure not only compliance with the jab program but that the boards met the targets set by the government.”

“I’ve had numerous conversations with nurses who have years of experience working with the NHS that are also aware that things simply aren’t right.”

“Then there are those who are aware of what’s going on and simply can’t take the stress of being involved. They have gone off work long-term sick in their droves. There are also very many senior nurses who have taken early retirement over the last few months. All of them citing the jabs and the whole covid debacle as the reasons they just have to get out.”

“Those NHS staff who have knowledge of what is taking place and who are not speaking out are complicit in atrocity.”

“If I went public I would almost certainly never work in nursing again.”

“I hate my job. I am currently ashamed to be a nurse. And every day I work for the NHS I feel greater despair and loathing.”

“I thought I would relay a conversation I had with a GP [Doctor]. The GP in question knows of my involvement with the board’s jab program and had questioned me in regards to the forthcoming Moderna jab. In the conversation I learned the GP had just taken the Prizer jab herself. Aghast I asked her ‘Was she crazy considering the jab contained PEG, polyethylene glycol, also known as anti-freeze’? The GP didn’t know the jab contained PEG. In fact the GP didn’t know any of the excipients in the jab at all. I then asked were they informing their patients that they were taking part in a clinical trial? The GP relied that they were not. In all honesty the GP didn’t even know the jabs weren’t approved or that they were still in clinical phase-three trials. Tragically this GP’s lack of knowledge of what is in the jabs isn’t rare.”

“My NHS colleagues have forsaken their duty of care, broken their code of conduct, hypocratic oath, and have been brainwashed just the same as the majority of the UK public through propaganda and predictive programming.”

“I am complicit too. Although I know about the safety issues and have tried repeatedly to get through to management and colleagues I have failed. I can’t recruit a single NHS colleague, be that a nurse, doctor or pharmacist to stand with me and speak out.”

“If a time ever came when this genocide came to light and if I ended up on trial testifying against those in positions of power who could have affected the outcomes I would not hesitate to give evidence. I would also accept my fate should I too be found to have been duplicitous in this horrid act of human annihilation. I do not fear that day, indeed I pray for it to come.”

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