Israel reportedly seeking to cancel deal for AstraZeneca vaccines

Ten million doses were ordered, but officials now wary amid blood clot fears; legal authorities looking at reselling units to other countries

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Israel is seeking to back out of a deal to purchase ten million AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine units amid concerns over a possible link to rare blood clots in adults, the country’s coronavirus czar confirmed Wednesday.

AstraZeneca has been embroiled in controversy over its failure to deliver promised doses to the European Union, and over the shot’s efficacy and safety profile.

According to an Army Radio report, Israeli officials have been in contact with the UK-headquartered pharmaceutical company about canceling the contract, but AstraZeneca is reluctant to comply, fearing the bad publicity that would ensue.

As an alternative, officials are looking at selling the vaccines to other countries, a move that is less likely to impact AstraZeneca’s image and will also help recoup the money spent on the vaccines.

However, there are legal complications, among them who would be held responsible if there are any damaging side effects from the vaccines sold to another country, and legal officials are examining the matter, the report said.

One way or another, there is no intention to make use of the AstraZeneca vaccines in Israel, the report added.