Coronavirus Science Roundtable with Florida Governor Censored by YouTube

In 2020 Florida took the lead in rejecting lockdowns. In 2021 Florida was one of the first states to remove all restrictions including rescinding mask mandates and business closures. In removing mandates and restrictions Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was assisted by the scientists behind the Great Barrington Declaration.

Governor DeSantis, on the one-year anniversary of the lockdowns, invited back the scientists behind the Great Barrington Declaration, signed at the offices of the American Institute for Economic Research, for a roundtable on the Coronavirus and the policy response. It is exceptionally educational, and points to the reality that the lockdowners have lost the debate for lacking any evidence that their soul-crushing policies are good for public health. These heroic scientists departed from the media/government narrative when it mattered most. As a result, some states followed their point of view and their views have shown to be correct during the worst policy year of our lifetimes.

This roundtable features all four scientists. Lasting an hour and a half, they covered all the major issues. The video itself came to serve as a tutorial in the relationship between public policy and virus mitigation. See the video and transcript here.

The video was also hosted on YouTube. However with no warning, no announcement, and no explanation, YouTube on April 7, 2021, suddenly deleted the entire video from its platform. Once hosted by WTSP Tampa Bay, an NBC affiliate, it originally appeared as embedded in a story on

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