Author: tonyj

Vaccine Passports Were Always the Plan

European Commission document “Roadmap to Vaccination” was last updated July, 2019. It outlines a timeline to the eventual adoption of a vaccine passport for all EU citizens. Curiously it was published several months before the Covid-19 pandemic. Was the pandemic a convenient event which helped them jump start what was their plan all along? Or […]

Florida Children Back in Schools Since August, 2020

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blasts the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new guidelines for reopening K-12 schools nationwide. DeSantis is calling it a “disgrace.” He says these new guidelines are not rooted in science. “We’ve been open the whole time, since August. We had kids doing camps and athletics and all that over […]

Lawmakers in Other Countries, Governors and Legislators are Taking Action to Stop Vaccine Passports

Millions of people around the world oppose the idea of vaccine passports and they are backed by high foreign government officials and lawmakers, US state governors and legislators. Please join them in defending Americans and all people by passing legislation to prohibit vaccine passports now and in the future. Vaccine passport branded ‘unacceptable’ – MPs […]

Why “Vaccine Passports” Must Be Stopped

For a weary public longing to get back to normalcy, vaccine passports represent a tantalizing carrot, being dangled as a mechanism for freedom. By showing proof that you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine, perhaps you can once again board an airplane and travel freely, attend a concert or enjoy a meal in your favorite restaurant, just […]

States Legislators And Governors Are Taking Action to Rescind Mask Mandates

Governors and legislators in Florida, North Dakota, Arizona, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Montana and Iowa have all eliminated state mask mandates recently. When other state governors have refused to rescind mask mandates, legislators are doing it for them. Wisconsin State Senator Steve Nass is calling for a legislative session to overturn Gov. Tony Evers’ new […]

Masks Are Damaging Mental and Physical Health

Mask Mandates are Damaging the Mental and Physical Health of Adults and Children Many studies have been carried-out to identify possible health risks from mask use, both on medical professionals and due to the universal masking of adults and children during the COVID-19 era. The harms discovered from these studies show palpable and potentially long-term […]

Masks Have No Impact on Covid Infection Rates

Statistics Show Mask Use Has No Impact on Infection Rates Another way to shed light on whether masks work or not is to compare infection rates (read: positive test rates) before and after the implementation of universal mask mandates. In his article,36 “These 12 Graphs Show Mask Mandates Do Nothing to Stop COVID,” bioengineer Yinon […]

There is No Scientific Support for Masks

Many current directives and mandates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), state health departments, and governors regarding coronavirus are not only ineffective but are also not based on any science. These unnecessary mandates are causing enormous financial losses to people and businesses, destroying the economy of our states and country, reducing tax receipts, creating […]