Requiring Customers and Employees be Vaccinated or Wear Masks to Shop/Eat/ Work/etc.

Hello. I enjoy your [store/restaurant] and am a frequent customer. I’m writing to express my concern about your policy of requiring your customers and workers to be vaccinated in order not to wear masks in your establishment. At this time both the CDC and State of [insert your state name here] have rescinded mask requirements. In my view it is not acceptable for your company to ask customers to wear masks when there is no government mandate to do so.

I also believe it is unacceptable to require any employee, anywhere, to undergo an experimental medical procedure like the covid vaccine in order to work. This is disgusting, coercive and unAmerican. Undergoing any medical procedure must always be a personal choice and not coerced in any way. Additionally our state law specifically prohibits discrimination because of religion. Some religions object to vaccines and requiring an employee to receive one against their religious belief is a violation of [your state name here] law.

Please pass this message to your management and let them know that I will not continue to be your customer if you continue these coercive and illegal policies. I will also encourage my friends and associates not to patronize your establishment.

Thank you.